Life Attack

How fascinating it is that how life attacks you,

Vulnerable souls just gets pain attached to.

I’ve been a victim this whole journey,

Taught myself the hard way, just in case Life gets Horny.

Somebody said, “Life is a F*cking Roller Coaster”.

Ups and downs are one of the characters of this Mister.

Sworn an Oath to have an eye on everybody, 

Comes down mercilessly, if the lines are crossed by somebody.

We are a mere puppets in the hands of someone“.

Governed by our work and decided by that ‘one‘.

Someone?” Yah! That’s a topic that can turn all heads-up front.

But I’ll shall not enter in that ‘Debatic Hunt’.

Otherwise I’ll be ruled out by the atheist,

Questioned by the theist.

A Hot Topic to be discussed by the journalists,

Reality will teach me a lesson and that’ll be a laugh for the realist,

All of those gestures are just one of many faces of that ‘heister’.

If I had to say how I deal with Mr. Life,

Then it will only be said as a lie, cause Mr. LIFE is the one moving my ‘Strings of Fly’.

When I was younger, I used to think that I will be happy when I grow up,

But now I think that childhood was the happiest time to live up,

People Grow Up”, that’s how human beings react,

It’s all an illusion and thats ‘a fact’.

Google search engine is being harrassed daily, most by the 16 to 20s,

They are victims of the diseases inflicted by the societies.

Depression, betrayal and the list goes on,

The world is round so everyones gone.

I fight to survive, therefore I suffer,

I welcome them, as sufferings are a lesson giver.

I too was a victim of vicious bonds

But they taught me that reality is like a hound, and they don’t wear a mask but a Hypocrisy’s gown.

Hound?”, “How?”

I’ll tell you how’s that.

First they will take you in the pack,

Tag you like, ‘Part of Wolfpack‘, and then, when you will be looking weak, they will feed on you, break you, and leave you with your pieces to survive.

Then you will be in depression, fall under the impression, in that process, you loose your aggression, you see your life with a dull expression. You start believing that ‘Everybody Hates You’, no more good-will blessings, just an ill-fated lessons to learn to.

You are left devasted, crying in agony but in that pain, rage is born, truths you realise, and a new ‘you’ is chastised.

I was left wounded by many, but they only made me stronger, because some people are like the, ‘Season of Sessions’, they come and leave you shattered.

“But that’s ok.”


No k.

Is that what you say?

Live that life once, feel it twice, and then you would know, how much it weighs.

You would feel the rage and create ‘A Vengeance Game’ to play,

Keep yourself lonely, stay away from your homie and start posting indirect statuses to target as many,

It’s not a new thing, it happens,

because of this, life is a full-on lesson planning.

It’s how you learn, when you learn and how you apply, that all matters,

Because towards the ending, results are the main gaining.

I’m confused about a question now almost everyday,

Scratching my head to ignite the Matter Gray.

Does the fate rule over the human or the human rule their fate?

If I crack this question then I can save myself from the Attacks of Life,

And then I can easily create Reality’s Fife.

Now I gotta stop this cynical Life attack,

Otherwise it will not be too late for Life to strike me back.


Author: putintoscuttlebutt

'Ship of Writing', currently on sail.

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