I don’t know why you wanna follow me tonight,

When you already left my love for right.

With all the demons I possess, you shouldn’t come home with me,

After all this years I regret, the time we spend to escape reality.

Your love was fake and I was a fool to think you were mine,

That ring you gave me, kills my soul and my emotions are running, no where to hide.

You just wanted my attention, you didn’t want my heart,

And you made sure that I never break your love-game apart.

Your eyes and lips attracted me the day I saw you,

Never did I think, your love was a lie and making me a clown to boo.

There’s a line that you crossed, tossing my feelings in air,

I loved you in your hardest times and now my pains are increasing, enough for me to bare.

I know the dress is karma, with perfume of regret,

Trying to lure me, hoping the fish will take it’s bait.

Should have listened to the friends when they said that you were trouble,

Then I would have never wasted any time on you and would have never stumbled.

You think we can work it out but that’s a misunderstanding, cause I am never playing your games of peek-a-boo.

Your appetite for seduction often surprised me,

Mesmerized soul was hypnotized and died on you lap to flee.

You want me to take you home and open ‘your’ love’s door,

But I’m sorry cause I’m tired and can’t take it anymore.

Letters of love are turned into ashes,

Ring attached to the finger often projects the past in flashes.

My love for you died when you cheated on me,

Now go ahead and leave, I’m setting you free.

I thought we were the king and the queen ruling the world of love,

But that was just one of the myriad thoughts that would never make me live in the State of Dove.

You would never realise how much I loved and adored you,

It’s over now and I wish you find your love, as it was a pleasure to meet you and My love, Adieu


Author: putintoscuttlebutt

'Ship of Writing', currently on sail.

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