Trapped Soul

No light in the distance, where shadows are holding on,

All the things that I resisted are far from being gone.

Fake shadows longed for the depth of happiness ,

Succumbed to the past and haunted by regrets.

Walking in the road was the soul that was thrown,

As Demons came crashing to capture it as their own.

Often the mirror laughed as it refused to reflect me, instead it produced an image from the Mysterical Sinistry.

Following the distant shadows I blindly walked into a void,

As Intuition suggested I was being Paranoid.

As the Holy Books quoted that “It Is A Sin To Be Born Into Flesh”,
Thus I knew that I will be carried away without Almighty’s Bless. 

Often the soul that weeped wanted to flee

As it constantly thought, “How To Get Far From Me”.


Author: putintoscuttlebutt

'Ship of Writing', currently on sail.

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