Love Game

Where love goes, theirs misery and that’s not a mystery.
This is the ‘World of Illusion‘ and filled with interconnected chemistry.

Many fell in love and were compared to ‘Characters of Mythical‘.

And thus they were inducted in the ‘Halls of Historical’.

Love loves to love Love” is the prime quote felt by James Joyce.

So he expressed them to make others feel the Art of his Love’s Voice.

‘Misery’ made your eyes widened as the heart doesn’t want you to believe.

Facts by which you made yourself governed are blinding your retinas to flee.

Marshall said Love is ‘Evol‘ from the  boundedspace he’s trapped in,

As most of the world’s sarcatic events began because of Love’s will.

But Love is a Form of Art which makes you believe that their are kisses and laughs and a risk worth taking.

This is the reason why other feelings are buried while Love is destined in the path of winning.


Author: putintoscuttlebutt

'Ship of Writing', currently on sail.

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