Voyage To Distant

The marker keeps on blinking, while highlighting the sentence, ” SHARE YOUR STORY HERE”. Actually I was feeling a sort of nervousness when I saw the word ‘story’. As it’s the first time I’m trying to step into a new world filled with so many ‘Voices’ that wants to be heard. And then my inner person actually stops me and says, “What ‘Story’ would you depict?”

It’s kinda of a cliff-hanging situation when you have a ‘deep’ story that you want to say but something in you stops from telling that, because of some issues you had in the past and that’s how I started ‘Writing’. Well it’s been a pleasant journey so far and it actually gets a bit interesting when you get to explore new platforms where you can learn and grow. 

So I’m really excited to start this new voyage and to see how far this ‘Ship of Writing’ takes the ‘Empty Soul’ that wants to replenished again.


Author: putintoscuttlebutt

'Ship of Writing', currently on sail.

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