Trapped Soul

No light in the distance, where shadows are holding on,

All the things that I resisted are far from being gone.

Fake shadows longed for the depth of happiness ,

Succumbed to the past and haunted by regrets.

Walking in the road was the soul that was thrown,

As Demons came crashing to capture it as their own.

Often the mirror laughed as it refused to reflect me, instead it produced an image from the Mysterical Sinistry.

Following the distant shadows I blindly walked into a void,

As Intuition suggested I was being Paranoid.

As the Holy Books quoted that “It Is A Sin To Be Born Into Flesh”,
Thus I knew that I will be carried away without Almighty’s Bless. 

Often the soul that weeped wanted to flee

As it constantly thought, “How To Get Far From Me”.

Unpredictable Life

Life is so unpredictable. One moment it seems everything is moving fine and your making progress , while the other moment, your back to the ‘same’ starting point, where you started from. I’ve heard so many people dissatisfied with their life, with their journey, and each and every time they give up, they end up blaming events that exploited their life.

Human beings are a very hypocrite​ creatures. They blame ‘Life’ when the things are not going as planned or as they thought it would be and when everything is fine, then *silence*. We don’t like bad things and thus it takes time to suck up the fact that things are turning sour. No wonder why ‘Horoscopes’ are so popular these days.

Meanwhile, we get to hear a lot of motivation lines about this ‘lucky‘ life like “Life is full of ups and downs, just like a heart beat. So it’s really important to face all those crests and troughs. That is the enjoyment. When the heartbeat shows a straight like then it signifies the end of your plot and no one likes it”. But then what is written can’t be stopped, we can only work hard and have a healthy vision.

To cope up from an unplanned situation that went bad is really tough as it requires strong mentality and the correct attitude that many lack. Thus these type of situations causes some serious effects both on health and surroundings. It leads sadness. 

‘Sadness’- What a pretty little word which has a vital objective of ruining many lives by it’s combo, ‘Depression’. When these things happen, many few come back strong. Their are moments in some people’s life that has been heavily ruled by regrets and sadness thus leading him/her in depression. Their are often times when things go bad in their life on a continuous sessions, they said,”Why Always Me?” These are the words that shows that person is on the edge and any moment he/she can fall.

But I’ve always preferred and believed one thing that everything happens for a reason. If something is happening that you never expected, must have a reason. Problems come to those who has the power to fight back. It is a test to see how much can you endure. These are the reasons why some people say to keep your heads high and be proud and happy.

Love Game

Where love goes, theirs misery and that’s not a mystery.
This is the ‘World of Illusion‘ and filled with interconnected chemistry.

Many fell in love and were compared to ‘Characters of Mythical‘.

And thus they were inducted in the ‘Halls of Historical’.

Love loves to love Love” is the prime quote felt by James Joyce.

So he expressed them to make others feel the Art of his Love’s Voice.

‘Misery’ made your eyes widened as the heart doesn’t want you to believe.

Facts by which you made yourself governed are blinding your retinas to flee.

Marshall said Love is ‘Evol‘ from the  boundedspace he’s trapped in,

As most of the world’s sarcatic events began because of Love’s will.

But Love is a Form of Art which makes you believe that their are kisses and laughs and a risk worth taking.

This is the reason why other feelings are buried while Love is destined in the path of winning.

Voyage To Distant

The marker keeps on blinking, while highlighting the sentence, ” SHARE YOUR STORY HERE”. Actually I was feeling a sort of nervousness when I saw the word ‘story’. As it’s the first time I’m trying to step into a new world filled with so many ‘Voices’ that wants to be heard. And then my inner person actually stops me and says, “What ‘Story’ would you depict?”

It’s kinda of a cliff-hanging situation when you have a ‘deep’ story that you want to say but something in you stops from telling that, because of some issues you had in the past and that’s how I started ‘Writing’. Well it’s been a pleasant journey so far and it actually gets a bit interesting when you get to explore new platforms where you can learn and grow. 

So I’m really excited to start this new voyage and to see how far this ‘Ship of Writing’ takes the ‘Empty Soul’ that wants to replenished again.